3 KILOGRAMS OF HAPPINESS (pre-production)

Feature film
Based on a true story
Shooting autumn 2024

Zornitsa Sophia, Viktoria Penkova, Petar Delchev
Director: Zornitsa Sophia
Development Award at Bulgarian National Film Center, Nov 2019
Sofia Meetings coproduction market 2020
VILLA-KULT Award ‘21 – Berlinale Residency for director Zornitsa Sophia
EQUALITY AWARD ‘21 – Balkan Film Market
Co-producer attached: Mehmet Bahadir, PROTIM VP, Turkey
Grand for Realisation from Bulgarian National Film Center, May 2023


A 52-year-old woman gets pregnant with the baby of her daughter who can’t conceive, opposing the law and her husband’s will, thus swirling their lives in a tango for four. A true story from Sofia, Bulgaria, 2017.


Parents decide to help their daughter, who can’t conceive – her father sponsors a third in-vitro fertilisation, and her mother gets pregnant with the fetus, despite her husband’s protest and against the law. Human intervention in this delicate matter swings the world of both families into chaos. Whose child is this and how many mothers the baby has are the easy questions in this puzzle, where love, ethics and law mix in a Molotov cocktail. 


Surrogacy through in vitro fertilization – IVF, is undoubtedly a hot topic. My focus is in the storm whirled by this “intervention in God’s deeds” and its impact on the human relationships. I investigate how this choice of free will resonates in all the four characters, constructing a new universe of unwritten laws. Maybe the key to this world is acceptance. For me telling such a controversial theme through the genre of dramedy is an artistic challenge I waited and prepared for a long time.


Zornitsa Sophia graduated as fine artist, participated in 60 exhibitions internationally before specializing filmmaking. She has written, directed and produced 4 feature films and 2 documentaries; she directed 7 prime time tv series, one theatre performance and an Opera. Her feature films “Mila from Mars”, “Forecast”, “Voevoda” and “Mother” are selected or awarded at major film festivals like Goa, Warsaw, Shanghai, Cairo, Sarajevo,
Busan, Mar del Plata, Moscow, two of them being box office hits nationally and two of them are selected as Bulgarian submission for the Academy Awards. Zornitsa Sophia is member European Film Academy, UBF, BAC and BG-EWA and regularly conducts workshops on filmmaking.